I tugged at the little skirt on my cerulean blue teddy. After five years together, it was finally time. Tonight, the lights would stay on.
There was no doubt in my mind that Alex loved me. Even when he caught me in my plainest underwear, that smile and the look in his eyes was the same as when he got to see me in my fanciest lingerie, but he had never seen me in anything less. My lover had touched, but only in the dark. Would he hate my body as much as I did when he finally got to see all of it?
I took a nervous breath. I couldn’t hide in the bathroom any longer.
Alex waited patiently on our bed. He sat up as soon as I stepped out. “Wow…” was all he could say.
I smiled, and hoped he would still mean that in a few minutes.
His eyes roamed over my body, from the natural Hispanic tan of my neck and chest to the swell of my neon blue satin covered breasts. They followed the decorative ruffles on my stomach to the lace skirt that covered the top half of my thighs. He smiled to see skin again from there to my feet.
“Do you like it?” I asked.
“I love it,” he said as he reached for the lamp.
“N-no,” I stopped him. “L-leave it on.”
“Are you sure?”
I bit my lip, then nodded my head after a long second. “I-I’m sure,” I stuttered.
Alex reached for my hips and gently pulled me to stand between his knees.
His first kiss was to my satin hidden navel. The second was only an inch higher. My fingers tangled in his long hair as his lips traveled up my lingerie. Up, up, up… he kissed as far as he could, but Alex finally had to stand when his mouth’s reach ended at my breasts.
One more kiss and he was beyond anything I wore. “Mmm…” I moaned at the first touch of his lips to my skin. From there, he kept that same slow pace up my flesh. By the time he finally reached my throat, my breath was barely there at all..
I felt like I stood there for hours, just waiting for his mouth to be on mine. Alex only seemed to get closer, but never actually there. My toes curled into the carpet when at last, he made it to my chin. Two kisses more and we were finally lips to lips!
I practically melted against him. His hands on my hips were all that held me up. Suddenly, his grip there tightened and I felt myself lifted and tossed onto our bed. Alex laughed at the way I bounced. Then, he was on top of me.
The same kisses that took forever were quick when they reversed direction. What felt like hours before now seemed like seconds, but when I felt my lover’s hands on my shoulder straps, time completely stopped.
My eyes squeezed shut when he slipped them down. I felt the satin begin to slide away, slowly beginning to bare me…
Oh god, what would he think when he got to see? I hated my breasts! There were so thin and droopy and too far apart. I hardly had any nipples. They were so small and hardly a shade darker then the surrounding flesh. I saw the other women in the shower at the gym. I knew there was supposed to be a difference in color between a woman’s breasts and their tips.
“Ah!” I gasped when he suddenly bit me.
“What the hell made you hide these from me for so long?” Alex asked.
A hand squeezed my left breast. Its fingers relaxed, then squeezed again. Immediately my back arched into his touch, into his mouth. My lover’s tongue flicked across one nipple while his thumb brushed back and forth across the other. Both hardened and stood, begging for more.
Right then left, right then left… His mouth never gave either breast more attention than the other. Oh, he practically worshipped both!
My pussy pursed. I could feel my arousal soak into the satin between my legs. My hands twisted in the sheets and my lover’s hair. I was getting so close!
I sighed when Alex finally began to move on. My arched back fell to the mattress when he actually kissed a rib instead of a nipple.
“Let’s see what else you’ve been keeping from me,” he said.
Little by little, that cerulean lingerie was pulled away. His tongue took a quick did into my belly button when it was finally revealed. It was such an oh so sexy feeling that my stomach shuddered against his mouth.
The satin continued to lower until I felt his warm breath move through the curls of my pubic patch. I kept that hair trimmed into a neat strip. Soon, he had uncovered even that. There was only one last secret, the one between my legs. Would he think it was ugly?
Alex chuckled when he saw me down there. Was that good or bad?
I felt his tongue trace the edges of the dark brown birthmark that spread across my pussy lips. It was good! Oh, my excitement poured. He loved me! Every part of me, even the parts I hated about myself!
He licked and kissed my most private parts until my legs wrapped around his head. My little clit emerged from its hood only to be taken into my lover’s mouth. Alex gave it a tiny suck and that was it. My hips began to buck and I began to scream at the pleasure that burst and burst and burst…
It seemed like forever before I came down. I growled when I rolled the two of us so that it was him on his back. My thighs finally let go of his head, and when I pressed my lips to his, I could taste my own come.
Breathlessly, I kissed down his body. I still trembled, but now, it was my turn. After five years together, I hadn’t seen him naked yet, either.
He had hardened until his boxers tented. I actually had to push his cock down to be able to pull his waistband past. As soon as it was free, his cock sprang up again and hit me in the chin. I couldn’t help but laugh.
It wasn’t longer than other men’s, or thicker, but to me, it was perfect!
When I took him in my mouth, I felt him pulse against my tongue. My head bobbed up and down, up and down. Oh, I wanted to give him the same pleasure he had given me, but all I got was a smile when I looked up. Even the scratch of my nails across his chest got me no more than a sexy groan.
My teeth grazed the tip of him when he slipped from between my lips. I knew what was guaranteed to make us both feel good!
My knees hugged Alex’s legs as I scooted up the bed. One hand reached down to hold steady the stalk of flesh I had so lovingly sucked. I aimed him at my pussy and slowly lowered my body onto his.
The sound came from me in one long sigh. Then, I began to move.
My hands braced me on his chest. Back and forth, back and forth… I only rocked at first, and just savored the feeling of being filled. Now and then, I gave my hips a little twist and wiggle.
For the very first time, I got to see the look on my lover’s face when he got to fuck me. With the lights on, I got to see how his eyes squeezed shut when my pussy walls squeezed his cock.
Little by little, I began to lift and drop my body onto his. Up and down, up and down… It was my turn to tease. As long as he had taken to kiss from my tummy to my lips, that’s how long I took to finally raise my body from his base to his tip.
I laughed when his hands suddenly grabbed the breasts he loved and I hated and squeezed. “Ah!” His fingernails made me scream. My lover’s hips began to buck. Alex thrust so hard that both of us were lifted off the bed. He was getting close.
“Oh! God I love you!” He cried out. I felt his cock pulse inside me, then jet after jet of his hot come shot into my body.
So much pleasure burst between my legs that I saw stars, and each one was brighter than the lights we left on that night.