I love ice cream. Actually, that’s an understatement. I LOVE ice cream! It doesn’t matter what kind. Rocky road, French vanilla, mint, chocolate, pistachio… And it was the same with toppings. Each scoop always had to have sprinkles or whipped cream or gummy bears. Every time I put the dessert in my mouth, my eyes would roll closed.
“Savannah, how do you not get a headache eating ice cream like that all the time?” My friend Janey asked one girl’s night out at the mall.
I laughed, then took another big bite of cookies-n-cream. “Mmm…” I moaned. “I guess I’ve just built up a tolerance by now.”
“Did you ever hear back about that job?”
“Which one?”
Janey looked at me like I was stupid. “Duh! The one at the ice cream parlor!”
“Oh yeah, I have an interview tomorrow at. Didn’t I tell you?”
My friend kicked me under the table. “No, you didn’t tell me! What time?”
I shrugged my shoulders. “Not really.”
Janey laughed at the way my eyes rolled when I took another bite. “Well, good luck!”

The Creamy Dreams ice cream parlor had been in our town for as long as I could remember. Longer actually. My mother told me a story once about how when I was a baby, she took me there for a treat. That day, I said my very first word. “More!”
Twenty years later, that little bright blue building was still my most favorite place in the entire world. When it closed seven years ago, I cried for days. Then, a few months ago, I heard a rumor that a man had moved into town with plans to reopen it. As soon I heard that, I was the first person there to apply for a job!
The shop was still closed when I pulled into the parking lot. A truck was parked next to me, so that must have meant the new owner was there at least. “Let’s do this,” I told myself as I checked my hair and makeup in my rearview mirror.
The door was locked. When I peeked inside, I saw a tall, dark haired man was loading buckets of ice cream into the cold bar. I actually licked my lips. Ooh… yummy! I couldn’t help but think. It took a few minutes, but finally, I stopped staring and knocked.
The man looked up and smiled. In just a few steps, the man reached the door and unlocked it. “Savannah?” He asked in a rich southern accent when he opened it.
Suddenly, that word “yummy” went through my mind again.
“That’s me!” I said as I stepped inside.
The man held out his hand for me to shake. “Hi, I’m Jack. What position was it you were applying for?”
“Oh, any at all,” I answered. “I just want to work here!”
My enthusiasm made Jack chuckle. “So you’d be happy just standing behind the counter serving the customers?”
“Probably happiest. Getting to work with the actual ice cream? I’m your girl!”
“Like it that much, huh?”
“You have no idea!”
He laughed again. “Guess it would stupid not to hire you then. Come on, let me show you everything.”
It wasn’t exactly thirty-one flavors, but as he opened each compartment, it was enough to make me shiver, and not from the cold. Jack started to point out each one. “Here’s the chocolate, the vanilla…”
Almost immediately, I took over for him. “There’s the mint, the cherry, the very berry, lime sherbet…”
He laughed. “Ok, I guess we can skip that part. What about the register? Know how to work it?”
I took a quick glance at it. “Yeah, I think I used one just like it when I worked at the gas stop after school”
“You definitely have the job then. We open in a little over an hour. Can you start today?”
“Well, the freezer’s there if you run out of anything.” He pointed to a large metal door behind us. “Other things in that cabinet over there. I have some stuff I need to do in the office. Think you can handle setting out the toppings?”
“No problem, boss!”
Jack disappeared through a blue door. I couldn’t help but grin at a sudden thought. What, oh what would Janey say of she knew the new owner left me alone with all that ice cream so soon?
I was so happy with my new job as I set out the sprinkles and the M&M’s. By the time I set out the fudge and caramel sauces to warm, I was skipping and singing complete nonsense.
But when I set out the little paper sample cups and wooden spoon thingies, it was too much temptation. Just one taste couldn’t hurt, I told myself.
Mmm… Butter pecan! Peach! Peppermint! Oh, I was in heaven!
“Wow, you really weren’t kidding when you said you liked ice cream!”
“Eep!” I squeaked and my tiny cup of cookie dough fell to the floor. “Sorry. I-I just thought I should try a few of the flavors to better be able to help the customers when they come in.” I really hoped that sounded convincing.
My new boss’s eyebrows arched. “A few? I think I counted eleven.”
Jack took a step toward me. Oh no, was I about to get fired from my dream job already?
He did something much more unexpected. Jack picked up a little wooden spoon and scraped it over the surface of the same flavor of ice cream I had dropped. “Well, if you’re going to do that, you better try them all.” He offered the ice cream to my lips. “Open up.”
He put the sample into my mouth and I shivered. My eyes rolled closed. “Mmm…” I moaned.
“Good?” He asked.
I could only nod.
“Open up,” he told me again. “Have another.”
He fed me peanut butter and fudge, then the bubblegum. But when he tried to feed me a taste of the rum raisin, the ice cream fell off the spoon and down my tank top. A chill with through me. Immediately I started to bounce and squeal. “Ooh, get it! Get it!”
Jack was more than happy to help. He dipped two fingers between my breasts to scoop out the dessert, then laughed as he offered it to my lips again. “Here.”
I greedily licked the ice cream from his fingers and for the third time that morning, there was that word in my mind again. Yummy.
“Which one is you favorite?” I asked him.
“Mint, why?”
With a giggle, I grabbed another spoon and scooped a little out of the green bucket. “Now, you open up!”
He went for the bite, but I pulled it away at the very last second. “Mmm…” I teased.
Jack just grinned and pulled my face to his. His tongue pushed between my lips in search of the treat I had denied him. It didn’t take him long at all to find it, and soon, we were moaning together.
That kiss went on long after the ice cream disappeared. We began to sink to the floor behind the counter as if we melted. I laid back, and pulled jack on top of me. When I did, I felt a hardness against my thigh, something that definitely wasn’t a waffle cone.
“Fuck me,” I panted when our lips finally broke apart.
He grinned, but he didn’t need to be told again. His hands had my tank top off me in a second. Without a bra, my breasts were able to fall free. It was then that I knew I had a man after my own tastes. His mouth didn’t go for my nipples. No, Jack’s tongue went for the little left over trail of rum raisin that had fallen between them.
My nails clawed at the shirt on his back. Little by little, it bunched under my fingers until at last, I could feel his flesh against my own, his hard muscled stomach and chest against my soft skin.
“Ah!” I gasped at the first sudden nip of his teeth. With the ice cream all licked away, he began to bite the side of one breast, then the other. Jack sucked in one nipple, and my back arched toward him. When it did, he pulled his mouth away and pushed me back down.
“Good,” he said as he smacked his lips. “But it could be better.”
“Huh?” I asked breathlessly.
He just grinned and stood up. “Take off your clothes.”
“Just do it.”
There was something about the smile he said it with that let me know this was something I did not want to miss. I stayed on the floor and kicked off my shoes, then stripped off my jeans and panties. Above me, I couldn’t see what he was grabbing, but he was definitely gathering things from the cold bar.
He set one divided dish down beside me, filled with sprinkles, cherries and hot fudge. Then, a can of whipped cream. I couldn’t help but giggle when he went back up for more. Oh, this was going to be fun!
Jack set something I couldn’t quite see on the counter before he stripped off his own pants. And yes, there was that word again when his cock sprang up. Yummy!
He came back to the floor with a scooper and a tub of the most amazing ice cream ever created: Neapolitan! Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavors all right there together!
I saw that and my breath caught. “Don’t move,” he said in that delicious accent of his. All I could do was bite my lip and nod.
First came the ice cream. Three white, pink, and brown scoops dropped in a line from below my breasts to just above my pussy. Each one added to the chill of the other until it was impossible to stop the shiver. Next, the rainbow sprinkles… Just a single tiny spoonful over each scoop.
“Ah!” I gasped, and had to fight not to jump when he drizzled the hot fudge across my breasts. Oh, as much as the ice cream left me feeling frozen, the sauce burned!
Jack smiled at the panting dessert he was making of me, then popped the top of the can of whipped cream. “Open your legs,” he told me.
I had to do it carefully. After all, I didn’t want to make a mess.
He started to point the nozzle at my cunt, but stopped to laugh at something. “What’s so funny?” I asked.
“I’ve never had a Savannah split before!”
“Ah!” I screamed when he sprayed the whipped cream directly at my clit. Up and down he spread it until he completely covered my pussy lips. Finally, he tossed the can behind him. Then, Jack picked up a single cherry and topped the lowest scoop of ice cream. “There,” he said. “Now, you look good enough to eat!”
I couldn’t help but giggle and blush. It was the silliest line anyone had ever used on me, but it worked!
Oh, and eat he did… He started with my breasts, licking away every drop of hot fudge. Each slow drag of his tongue hardened my nipples and made them rise. He took so much time, I was amazed the ice cream didn’t melt and stream down my sides before he got to it.
For the first time in my life, I wasn’t jealous of someone else getting to eat ice cream when I wasn’t. I was turned on. Every “Mmm…” from him made my pussy wetter.
My naked body was sticky and shuddering when Jack’s mouth finally made it between my legs. Oh god, more licking! More nibbling! His tongue cleaned the cream from my clit and that was it. My hands shot down to grab his head. One of us screamed, but I don’t know if it was me in orgasm or him at how tightly my fingers clawed his hair.
“Fuck me!”
It was definitely me that screamed that.
All it took was him sliding inside me to take me over that edge. The second his body crushed against mine, an incredible pleasure burst in my core. It was so intense, I had to open my mouth just to get air. Jack allowed me only one breath, then he was kissing me again.
One orgasm had barely ended before a second was started just from the taste of his tongue. Oh, it was all there… Chocolate! Vanilla! Strawberry! Hot fudge, sprinkles, whipped cream and me! I had never had a “Savannah split” before either, but now, I wanted one every day!
Each push of him against me moved me back and forth over the mess we made on that floor. Suddenly, our kiss broke and his back arched. One more hard thrust and Jack froze above me. “Uhh!” He grunted, and finally came himself.
We lay there on the floor together, trying to calm down. It was a long tome before our breathing returned to normal enough for us to hear the ticking of the clock. Jack looked at his watch, then jumped up and snatched his pants. “We open in twenty minutes!”
“What?” I quickly grabbed my own clothes and began to pull them on.
I was barely dressed when he pulled my to him for a rushed peck on the lips. “Can you hurry home and change?”
“I guess, but what about this mess?”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll get it cleaned.” With that, he hurried me toward the door with a playful slap to the butt of my jeans.
“Oh, and Savannah?” He said just as I was about to walk out. “Hurry! You don’t want to be late on your first day!”