It was an obvious joke to make about a nosy girl named Katherine like me. Friends and family warned me all the time, “Curiosity is going to kill you one day, Kat!”
I would just laugh at them. “Maybe so,” I would say. “But until then, I’m having more fun than any of you ever will!”
My job was perfect for my little snooping habit. I was a professional house sitter. Anytime someone went out of town, they would hire me to live at their place and take care of their plants and pets and make sure no one broke in. In a sense, I took over their lives.
Before they left, the homeowners all gave me the same mini-tour. “Here’s the bedrooms, here’s the bathroom. Extra towels are in this closet. Here’s the kitchen, dear. Feel free to help yourself to anything you find!” Then, as soon as they were gone, I would explore on my own. That’s when the real fun would start!
One woman had been a photographer. It didn’t take long to find her in-home studio and collection of cameras and lenses. My curious mind immediately started wondering, what must it be like to be her and take picture after picture? What is it like to model in front of those cameras?
I used my two weeks to find out. Eight high tech cameras on timers captured me in pose after pose. I tried to be artistic and just did my best to look thoughtful. One day, I pretended to be in high fashion and showed off my favorite dresses. Late one night, after a little wine, I imagined myself the subject of a high end girlie magazine. I started out in a lacey teddy, but by the last shot, the only thing I wore was a subtle smile.
I house sat once for a man that was a professional swimmer. Everyday, I swam laps in his pool and imagined what it would be like to do that to the cheers of a crowd. I even worked once for a woman who was the neighborhood crazy cat lady. Those three days weren’t quite as pleasant. Every night, twelve cats took over the bed. My only place to sleep was on the couch. Even then, I had to kick two others off me all night.
I got to live dozens of lives every year. I had been a musician, a ballerina and a sculptor. Every dream I had growing up had its chance to come true, along with dreams I never even thought to have!
Then, one day, I got a call from a woman named Nadia. She was going out of the country for a few days and wanted to know if I could housesit for her,
“Absolutely!” I told her.
Her apartment was incredible! A giant skylight let sunshine into the loft during the day. I couldn’t wait until night when I could lay on the couch and look up at the stars. Only a granite topped island with chairs around it separated the living room from the gourmet kitchen.
Maybe Nadia was a chef? I hoped so. I hadn’t had the chance to be a professional chef yet and I had been wanting the chance to experiment with food. The long row of cookbooks on the counter certainly had potential for some fun.
“And that’s pretty much it,” Nadia said at the end of the tour. “Any questions?”
“Nope, think I got it!” I answered
“Okay, great! See you in a few days!” With that, she handed me the keys and closed the door behind her.
Now came my favorite part. Snooping! First stop, the closet!
I always started with the closet. The women I worked for always seemed to have the most amazing clothes. If they fit me, that made pretending to be those women even easier, and Nadia looked just my size.
Of course her closet was a walk-in. Simple but expensive dresses hung on the right. Cocktail and party dresses hung on a rack across from them. I fingered the black silk of one. It was so cool to the touch I shivered! I couldn’t resist the temptation to pull it off the bar and hold it against myself. Oh, I could just imagine her wearing it to the opening of a new restaurant! True, I had only seen Nadia in jeans and a blue t-shirt, but that didn’t hide the body she had at all, and a dress like this would only show it off. The neckline plunged into a bra impossible V while the skirt came to the knees. It was elegant, but lust inspiring. She would have made men and women alike lick their lips even more than her food!
Designer shoe boxes were stacked on both the floor and shelves up top. I lifted the lid of one. “Wow!” I gasped at the pair of black leather “Come fuck me” stilettos I found.
I must have spent hours in her closet. Everything was so sexy!
The next two days went by in a blur. For every meal, I picked a recipe out of one of her books and cooked in her kitchen. Every bite made me moan. To imagine Nadia got to eat like that all the time!
The phone rang on the third day. As always, I just let the machine get it. Everyone just left a name and number at the tone anyway. In all the houses I sat, no one had ever left an interesting message.
Until that day.
The machine beeped, and a man’s voice came over the speaker. “Nadia? This is John, Joan’s friend. I was just calling to remind you that we have a date tonight. I should be there around eight. Can’t wait to meet you! See you then!”
I jumped for the phone, but the man hung up before I had a chance to tell him Nadia wouldn’t be here. Eight o’clock? That was only 3 hours from now! The guy sounded so excited! I hated that I was going to have to break his heart and tell him he came all the way here for nothing.
A thought suddenly popped into my head. The man had said he couldn’t wait to meet her. He must not even know what she looked like. What if I pretended to be Nadia when he came to the door?

I knew it was crazy even as I adjusted my breasts in that black silk dress with the deep V. I had pretended to be dozens of different women, but never outside their own home or around other people. Could I do it?
I checked myself in the mirror. The image reflected back took my breath away. My cleavage had never looked so tight and tempting. The black silk hugged the dip of my waist and the flair of my hips. Below the skirt, my black stockings gave my legs a seductive, smoky look. Oh yes, I could definitely do this!
“My name is Nadia,” I practiced in the mirror. “I can’t wait for tonight!”
There was a knock on the door. I took one more deep breath, then went to open it.
The man on the other side was tall. I actually had to take a step back just to see past his chin. “Wow,” was the only thought in my head. I was a sucker for a man who kept his facial hair in stubble. I saw that on him and there was a surge of warmth between my legs. I could practically feel the rough brush of him against the inside of my thighs.
“Are you Nadia?” he asked and broke me out of my little daydream.
“Yes.” I had never been so happy to tell a lie. “John, I presume?”
“That’s me,” he said with the brightest smile I had seen in my life. “God, you look incredible!”
“Thank you, that’s sweet. So, what did you have in mind for this evening?”
That bright smile suddenly turned mischievous. Then, something even crazier than one woman pretending to be another and stealing her date happened. John reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.
My eyes widened. “And just what makes you think I’m that kind of girl?”
John laughed. “Only every story Joan has ever told about you. So? What do you say? Can we play?”
Katherine would have said no immediately, but I wasn’t Katherine that night. My name was Nadia,, and if my friend Joan said I was that kind of girl, then I must be.
“Absolutely,” I answered.
John smiled his amazing, bright smile again, then grabbed my hand. “Where’s the bedroom?” he asked.
“Right there.” I pointed to a room down the hall from the kitchen.
He practically ran as he pulled me behind him. We were barely through the door when he flung me toward the bed. I laughed when I landed on my stomach on the mattress. He straddled me before I even had a chance to roll over. The next thing I knew, those handcuffs clicked around my wrists.
John gave my butt a quick slap and I squealed. “Ah!”
“Can you get out of those?”
I tugged and tested, but the chain around the wooden post in the headboard kept me from going anywhere. “Nope!” I giggled.
He smacked my ass again. “Good! That means I can do anything to you I want!”
John kissed the same silk he just spanked. His hands began to bunch the fabric at my waist and very slowly, my skirt raised. He kept kissing it until the dress was completely lifted and his lips pressed to skin.
“Mmm…” I moaned. One cheek of my ass received little nips from his teeth, the other, gentle scratched from his fingernails. Beneath my thong, my pussy pursed. I could feel the first drops of arousal slick my slit.
His mouth moved from my flesh to the scrap of cloth that was my underwear. I couldn’t help but giggle at the tickle of him tracing the strip that divided my butt. John’s tongue followed it even where it disappeared down between my cheeks, licking everything.
My legs snapped closed on reflex when he reached my cunt. John just grabbed my thighs and pushed them apart again. Then, his mouth was back as if it never stopped.
Yes! There it was, the subtle scratch of his stubble. I groaned as he moved deeper between my legs. The up and down of his jaw as he lapped at the moistening crotch of my panties brushed his light beard against more and more sensitive places. God, I swear I could even feel a few sharp hairs of his chin make it through the weave of my thong and gently sting the bud of my clit.
My hands made little fists in the cuffs. Even my toes curled I was so close! “Ma-make me come,” I begged.
He bit my pussy through my panties and that was it. There was an explosion of pleasure deep inside me, one that made me scream into the pillow. “Oh!”
My body was still in the middle of orgasm when he reached for my underwear. John didn’t waste any time pulling it down. He just ripped the wet scrap of cloth away and threw it to the floor.
My nipples tightened against the silk of the dress when I felt the mattress sink more beneath me. My eyes may have been closed, but I knew that could only mean one thing. John was crawling over me, getting into a better position.
I shivered when I heard his zipper lower. My breath was still coming in pants, but I was ready!
His hands grabbed my hips and tilted my pussy up toward him. When the tip of his cock grazed my slit, I bit my lower lip. Slowly, he pushed forward.
Oh, my body opened to him so easily! His hard shaft slid inside me. Immediately, my inner walls gripped him. “Yeah,” he groaned above me as he went deeper and deeper until his body was pressed against my ass.
John’s stroke were steady and unhurried. In and out, in and out… even as John fucked me, he planted kisses against the back of my head. I pushed my body back against him, matching his slow thrusts. My hips even started to twist, but he forced me flat against the bed and held me still.
“Yes…” I moaned when he started to move faster. The smack of his body against my rear got harder, harder than even the little spanking he gave me when we started. “Oh fuck me,” I groaned into the pillow.
In and out, in and out… Just a little harder, just a little faster. The more I wiggled, the more he took control and held me still, taking his pleasure from my bound body.
Suddenly, his fingers clawed into the flesh of my hips. “Ah! Nadia!” he screamed as he came inside me.

We fell asleep together, naked, in Nadia’s bed, but the next morning, he was gone. There was no note saying where he went. Instead, there was a check on the nightstand made out to Nadia. I saw that, and suddenly other things clicked into place.
A true chef really wouldn’t need so many recipe books.
All those incredibly sexy clothes…  A man named “John,” a friend named “Joan,” and the knowledge that I was “that kind of girl…”
Nadia had never been a chef at all. She was a very high class whore.