I felt like the last woman in the world sitting there that night. It was funny. Somehow, the clack clack clacks of the train on the tracks enhanced the silence of the dining car more than they broke it. Out the window, the full moon shone over the snowy mountains we traveled through. The sight was so lonely, as if the entire outside world was painted midnight blue.
“So what’s a beautiful woman like you doing up at this time of night?” The server asked when he approached my little table.
“I couldn’t sleep,” I answered without looking at him.
He chuckled. “Maybe that has something to do with all this joe you’re drinking,” the man said as I refilled my cup.
The train’s whistle blew and it broke me out of my stare out the window. The server stood beside me with the coffee pot in one hand, and the other in the pocket of his worn black jeans. His t-shirt was tight, and had probably been white at one time, but now it was just a mess of kitchen stains.
“Can I get you anything else?”
I shook my head. “No, thank you.”
He ran his pocketed hand through hair so disheveled it was hard to tell if it was from a long night or just his style. “In that case, mind if I join you? The company tends to frown on leaving passengers alone in the dining car.”
I waved to the seat across from me. “I suppose if I’m the reason you can’t sleep, it’s the least I can do.”
He groaned as he sat. “Any particular reason you can’t sleep?”
What was I supposed to tell this stranger? That I was still awake because I couldn’t face an empty bed? After four years of marriage, six years of sleeping together every night, my darling husband had decided a thirty-three year old woman just wasn’t young enough for him anymore. I had to find that out by walking in on Brian naked beneath a twenty-four year old student.
I called my mother crying. She said the only three words that could have held any comfort at all right then. “Come home, dear.” So, I hopped on the first train east.
That had all been only yesterday.
“No,” I finally said.
The waiter ignored my answer. “I bet it’s because of a man.”
The last thing I needed was a stranger reading my mind. I turned back to more of the nights scenery pass out the window.
“Oh ho! I was right! Traveling to meet one or traveling to leave?”
I said nothing.
“I bet you’re leaving one,” he went on. “Yeah, you have that newly lonely and broken hearted look about you. What’s the matter? He cheat? What a fucking idiot.”
“What would you know about it?” I asked when he just wouldn’t shut up.
“Well, look at you! The guy had to either be an idiot, or completely blind. Was he blind? Even if he was, he’s still an idiot. His hands would have told him how gorgeous you are!”
I admit, that made me smile, and I needed a smile.
“A woman like you should be made love to everyday.”
I looked back at the waiter when he said it. There was something in his eyes, something I should have noticed had disappeared from Brian’s eyes years ago.
Pure and sincere lust.
It almost made me cry to know I could still inspire that in a man after how my own husband had betrayed me so casually. I needed that even more than that smile.
“Do it,” I suddenly heard myself say.
I got up and moved around the table. Then, I sat down in his lap. “Do it,” I said again before I had the chance to come to my senses. “Make love to me.”
The waiter didn’t need to be told a third time. Even as he lifted me, his lips found mine. The man laid me down on the table. Oh, his hands were every but as hungry as his mouth! Already, one was under my skirt, sliding up my left thigh to my hip. Fingers found the simple waist of my panties, but didn’t strip them away. Now, they followed the line of where my leg went through the cloth. They traveled around to where my sex began to pout under the cotton, then slipped beneath.
“Ah!” I gasped when he touched me there.
Outside my underwear, his thumb made tiny circles over the emerging bud of my clit. Inside, a single knuckle found the entrance to my body and grinded up and down that slit of flesh.
My own hand pulled the waiter’s hair until he groaned. He laughed against my skin as I guided his kisses. First down my neck, then down my chest to the little hint of cleavage my dress revealed. He wanted to taste more, and he couldn’t wait even the second it would take for me to slip the straps off my shoulders. The waiter pulled at my dress with his teeth until the buttons popped and rolled on the floor.
Six years together, and Brian never did this to me. The knuckle between my legs straightened into a finger and thrust into my pussy. Still his thumb worked. I couldn’t remember the last time my panties had been so wet! That one finger became two, and together, they began to twist.
So did I.
Oh, it had been so long! Soon, there was that sweet tensing of lower muscles, followed by the even sweeter rush of warmth. “I’m coming!” I moaned.
The waiter laughed. “I can feel!”
He pulled his hand from my panties. Then, he offered me his fingers. Some strange instinct made me suck myself from them. “How do you taste?” He asked.
“Like honey,” I practically purred in aftershock.
“Mind if I taste?”
“Please…” I whispered.
The man threw my skirt up to my stomach. Now, he pulled my panties down my legs. He only stopped to peel the cotton away from where my own excitement had glued it to my flesh.
When his head disappeared below, it got harder to breathe. At the first flick of his tongue to my private parts, it felt impossible. My trembling fingers clumsily undid the few buttons that still remained to hold my top closed. Thank god I wore a front clasp bra that night. A simple squeeze and release and my breasts were free. I could breathe again!
“Mmm…” I heard him moan. My eyes rolled closed as he licked away my arousal. That only made me wetter. The only way to slow it at all was for his lips to find the source, and his tongue to push inside me to dam the flow.
“Just fuck me,” I finally had to beg.
His mouth and chin shined with the juices of me when he stood. I watched his hands open those faded jeans and pulled his thick shaft free. Oh, it stood so tall!
He stripped off his kitchen stained shirt and threw it away before he climbed over me. My own hot arousal on his lips burned each of my nipples when he stopped to suck each of them on his way up my body. He kissed and bit and pulled at them back and forth until there was that tensing below again…
No, I refused to come again with an empty body. There was only a second before I would orgasm. I quickly grabbed his hair and tugged him up until we were face to face, cock to cunt. My hand flew down to his ass still under denim and pulled him inside of my just in time.
“Ah!” I screamed.
The waiter fucked me with the power of a train. In and out, in and out… He fucked me hard until the smacking of our bodies drowned out even the clack clack clacks of the train on the tracks.
His lips found mine again. The waiter’s tongue pushed at my lips until they parted under the pressure and slipped inside. Oh, there was the honey flavor of my pussy again!
And the sweet tensing of my lower muscles…
And the sweeter rush of warmth…

I never got the waiter’s name. The next morning, there was a woman on duty in the dining car. An hour later, the train pulled into our destination. Whoever he was, I owe that man a thank you. On a night when I felt like the last woman on Earth, he was there to make me feel like the only woman in the world when I needed it most.