When I wore my favorite string of pearls that night, I only meant for them to make me look pretty. I had no idea they could be used for so much more.
My little black dress was on the bedroom floor around my feet. Underwear had never even been worn for our special night out. I had wanted to surprise my husband by being naked at the slip of my shoulder straps. Instead, I was the one in awe of what he had in store for me.
“Surprise!” I struck a little pose with my hand on my cocked hip.
Alan smiled just like I knew he would. Then, he circled me. His finger tickled the back of my neck when he gently undid the little gold clasp there. I thought he was simply taking off the last thing I wore until he caught it before it fell.
“Put your hands behind your back,” he whispered.
“Why?” I asked with a little giggle.
“Just do it.”
I had barely obeyed when he roughly pulled my wrists together. “Ooh!” I playfully squealed when I felt the pearls twist three times and bind me. My pussy warmed when I tested just how tightly I was tied. Alan knew I had light bondage fantasies, but this was the first thing he did anything about it.
My husband loves my ass. One of his favorite things to do is bite that back flesh. For a few days after, I feel his teeth marks and claim on my body every time I sit down. When he knelt down behind me, I was sure that’s what he was about to do. Instead, the cheeks of my butt were pulled apart. Something pressed against the little hole they hid. It wasn’t his finger and it wasn’t his tongue.
It was a pearl.
First one, then another and another. One by one, those expensive little spheres were pushed inside me until my ass was forced to hold the rest of the string that bound my hands. Alan stood up and whispered in my ear. “Don’t you dare let those come out.”
“Yes, dear,” I replied.
“Now, on the bed!”
It was such a strange yet wonderful feeling. Every step I took rolled the beads in my butt. No part of my pussy had been touched and still arousal began to run down the insides of my thigh from just walking across the room.
Had he stripped as I did as I was told? When I turned around to sit on the edge of our mattress, Alan was standing there naked. It was such a shame that I didn’t get to see him undress. My husband kept in shape. He had a magnificent body. Seeing it revealed always excited me and he knew it.
Maybe that’s why he didn’t let me watch this time. I wasn’t exactly dry down there, but he liked to control how wet I got. He had one great method of doing just that.
“Open your legs,” he commanded, then moved toward me.
My thighs spread and showed off the reddish blonde curls I had trimmed into a thin strip just for tonight. Alan dropped to his knees in front of me. Instead of simply telling me to lay back, he put a hand between my breasts and pushed me down. In that position, my pussy was all he had to focus on.
He pinched my clit through its hood. From there, his fingers slipped down along my inner lips to hold them shut. Only then did he lick in long, slow strokes. It was incredible! But my body was denied its arousal. Alan held me so tight my juices couldn’t escape my cunt. They could only build inside me. His tongue applied the only wetness I was allowed.
It made me squirm. It made try to twist out of the grasp of his two fingers and let my excitement out. I wanted to push him away for just a second but all my hands could do was tangle in the white silk sheets beneath me. Then, when I twisted just a little too tight, my bonds began to pull and pull until a single pearl popped out of me.
“Ah!” I gasped.
Alan’s fingers finally loosened just when I thought I would burst. My arousal was allowed to run at last. “Mmm…” Alan groaned and started to lap up my flowing flavor.
He bit me on the inside of my right leg. Alan’s finger gently pushed into my feminine tunnel, moving deeper so slowly I wanted to scream. “Oh, stop your damn teasing!” I growled. “Fuck me already!”
“No,” he cruelly answered.
My husband kissed my clit, sending a shiver through me. Every breath I took made me shiver and he was only getting started. He waited until that first finger was in me to the knuckle before he added a second. By then, my tunnel was clinging so tight to that digit that my body felt stretched by that one little addition. God, how could he tell me no? Didn’t his cock want to feel that?
The pleasure was too much. My eyes lost the ability to focus. There was no point in keeping them open. I let them close and just let myself just feel.
He teased me forever. Softly, he stoked the back wall of me until my cunt spasmed in a small orgasm that stole my breath. At the first hint of a ripple, his fingers stopped. When I finally stopped coming, he simply flipped them over and started all over again.
My back arched, seeking a body that wasn’t above mine. More of the pearls I was warned not to let go threatened to come out. The only way I could obey was to clench and press my ass back into the bed.
I thought I would die when his fingers finally pulled out. Then, a kiss was placed on the top edge of my pubic hair. The trail moved up from there. I felt him rise to reach my navel and by the time he reached the undersides of my breasts, the mattress was sinking under his added weight. His kiss moved up through the valley of my cleavage, up my throat.
And when his lips pressed against mine and his tongue forced its way in, the strawberry flavor of my pussy filled my mouth. God, it tasted good! I don’t know what I was drunk more on, that or the feel of his body finally between my legs.
Eventually, that kiss had to break just so we could breathe again. “Are you ready?” Alan asked.
Could he not feel how wet I was? Was the scent of my arousal not thick enough in the air? “Yes!” I practically screamed. “Ah!”
He was inside me in a single thrust. I almost came again right then. Right away, my legs wrapped around my waist. There was no way I was letting him go to tease me again. He was going to fuck me. Now.
Slowly, Alan pulled back. When he slid back in, I swear his cock rolled the pearls through the thin divide of my holes. In, out. In, out. I could feel my husband’s every fucking motion in both places. It was enough to make my back arch all over again.
He took advantage of that, biting my breasts. Sweet stings pulsed down to my clit. God, I wanted to dig my nails in his perfect chest! To touch him as much as he touched me
My cry was stifled by my bit lower lip. Orgasm burst in my cunt and I still wanted more. My hips bucked against his. I wanted him to come with me.
There! He was starting to twitch!
“Uh!” He grunted, then fired his sperm.
Alan gave us a chance to catch our breath. Reluctantly, I unlocked my ankles from behind his back and let him go. Then, he pulled out.
“Turn over.”
“What?” I asked.
“I said turn over.”
I obeyed, curious what was to come next.
My husband spread the cheeks of my ass. “Good girl. You held onto all but two pearls.”
I gasped with every bead he pulled from my butt. Then, when the entire necklace was free, Alan untied my hands.
I rolled over and kissed the man that loved and satisfied me so. “Happy anniversary, dear.”