The Lights

I tugged at the little skirt on my cerulean blue teddy. After five years together, it was finally time. Tonight, the lights would stay on.
There was no doubt in my mind that Alex loved me. Even when he caught me in my plainest underwear, that smile and the look in his eyes was the same as when he got to see me in my fanciest lingerie, but he had never seen me in anything less. My lover had touched, but only in the dark. Would he hate my body as much as I did when he finally got to see all of it?
I took a nervous breath. I couldn’t hide in the bathroom any longer.
Alex waited patiently on our bed. He sat up as soon as I stepped out. “Wow…” was all he could say.
I smiled, and hoped he would still mean that in a few minutes.
His eyes roamed over my body, from the natural Hispanic tan of my neck and chest to the swell of my neon blue satin covered breasts. They followed the decorative ruffles on my stomach to the lace skirt that covered the top half of my thighs. He smiled to see skin again from there to my feet.
“Do you like it?” I asked.
“I love it,” he said as he reached for the lamp.
“N-no,” I stopped him. “L-leave it on.”
“Are you sure?”
I bit my lip, then nodded my head after a long second. “I-I’m sure,” I stuttered.
Alex reached for my hips and gently pulled me to stand between his knees.
His first kiss was to my satin hidden navel. The second was only an inch higher. My fingers tangled in his long hair as his lips traveled up my lingerie. Up, up, up… he kissed as far as he could, but Alex finally had to stand when his mouth’s reach ended at my breasts.
One more kiss and he was beyond anything I wore. “Mmm…” I moaned at the first touch of his lips to my skin. From there, he kept that same slow pace up my flesh. By the time he finally reached my throat, my breath was barely there at all..
I felt like I stood there for hours, just waiting for his mouth to be on mine. Alex only seemed to get closer, but never actually there. My toes curled into the carpet when at last, he made it to my chin. Two kisses more and we were finally lips to lips!
I practically melted against him. His hands on my hips were all that held me up. Suddenly, his grip there tightened and I felt myself lifted and tossed onto our bed. Alex laughed at the way I bounced. Then, he was on top of me.
The same kisses that took forever were quick when they reversed direction. What felt like hours before now seemed like seconds, but when I felt my lover’s hands on my shoulder straps, time completely stopped.
My eyes squeezed shut when he slipped them down. I felt the satin begin to slide away, slowly beginning to bare me…
Oh god, what would he think when he got to see? I hated my breasts! There were so thin and droopy and too far apart. I hardly had any nipples. They were so small and hardly a shade darker then the surrounding flesh. I saw the other women in the shower at the gym. I knew there was supposed to be a difference in color between a woman’s breasts and their tips.
“Ah!” I gasped when he suddenly bit me.
“What the hell made you hide these from me for so long?” Alex asked.
A hand squeezed my left breast. Its fingers relaxed, then squeezed again. Immediately my back arched into his touch, into his mouth. My lover’s tongue flicked across one nipple while his thumb brushed back and forth across the other. Both hardened and stood, begging for more.
Right then left, right then left… His mouth never gave either breast more attention than the other. Oh, he practically worshipped both!
My pussy pursed. I could feel my arousal soak into the satin between my legs. My hands twisted in the sheets and my lover’s hair. I was getting so close!
I sighed when Alex finally began to move on. My arched back fell to the mattress when he actually kissed a rib instead of a nipple.
“Let’s see what else you’ve been keeping from me,” he said.
Little by little, that cerulean lingerie was pulled away. His tongue took a quick did into my belly button when it was finally revealed. It was such an oh so sexy feeling that my stomach shuddered against his mouth.
The satin continued to lower until I felt his warm breath move through the curls of my pubic patch. I kept that hair trimmed into a neat strip. Soon, he had uncovered even that. There was only one last secret, the one between my legs. Would he think it was ugly?
Alex chuckled when he saw me down there. Was that good or bad?
I felt his tongue trace the edges of the dark brown birthmark that spread across my pussy lips. It was good! Oh, my excitement poured. He loved me! Every part of me, even the parts I hated about myself!
He licked and kissed my most private parts until my legs wrapped around his head. My little clit emerged from its hood only to be taken into my lover’s mouth. Alex gave it a tiny suck and that was it. My hips began to buck and I began to scream at the pleasure that burst and burst and burst…
It seemed like forever before I came down. I growled when I rolled the two of us so that it was him on his back. My thighs finally let go of his head, and when I pressed my lips to his, I could taste my own come.
Breathlessly, I kissed down his body. I still trembled, but now, it was my turn. After five years together, I hadn’t seen him naked yet, either.
He had hardened until his boxers tented. I actually had to push his cock down to be able to pull his waistband past. As soon as it was free, his cock sprang up again and hit me in the chin. I couldn’t help but laugh.
It wasn’t longer than other men’s, or thicker, but to me, it was perfect!
When I took him in my mouth, I felt him pulse against my tongue. My head bobbed up and down, up and down. Oh, I wanted to give him the same pleasure he had given me, but all I got was a smile when I looked up. Even the scratch of my nails across his chest got me no more than a sexy groan.
My teeth grazed the tip of him when he slipped from between my lips. I knew what was guaranteed to make us both feel good!
My knees hugged Alex’s legs as I scooted up the bed. One hand reached down to hold steady the stalk of flesh I had so lovingly sucked. I aimed him at my pussy and slowly lowered my body onto his.
The sound came from me in one long sigh. Then, I began to move.
My hands braced me on his chest. Back and forth, back and forth… I only rocked at first, and just savored the feeling of being filled. Now and then, I gave my hips a little twist and wiggle.
For the very first time, I got to see the look on my lover’s face when he got to fuck me. With the lights on, I got to see how his eyes squeezed shut when my pussy walls squeezed his cock.
Little by little, I began to lift and drop my body onto his. Up and down, up and down… It was my turn to tease. As long as he had taken to kiss from my tummy to my lips, that’s how long I took to finally raise my body from his base to his tip.
I laughed when his hands suddenly grabbed the breasts he loved and I hated and squeezed. “Ah!” His fingernails made me scream. My lover’s hips began to buck. Alex thrust so hard that both of us were lifted off the bed. He was getting close.
“Oh! God I love you!” He cried out. I felt his cock pulse inside me, then jet after jet of his hot come shot into my body.
So much pleasure burst between my legs that I saw stars, and each one was brighter than the lights we left on that night.

Violet 1

I absolutely hated working this late. One a.m. was no time for a girl to have drive an hour to get home. My eye were already starting to try to close. The only good thing about this time of night was that the highway was deserted and–
Something darted in front of me. My brakes screeched when I stomped on them. I turned my wheel sharply to the right and the next thing I knew, my car skidded off the road and into the grassy ditch. What the hell was that?
I got out to search. I had to know everything was alright.
You’ll never believe what I saw.
The red haired woman was absolutely naked in the moonlight. She didn’t even have shoes on. Slender ankles and calves led up to only slightly thicker thighs. The only thing that covered anything at all was the triangle of red pubic curls on her pussy. Broad hips, slim waist, and breasts with just the slightest droop and outward turn. The woman had the kind of body women killed themselves for at the gym.
“Are you alright?” I asked her.
Her answer was a near maniacal laugh.
“Do you need me to call some one? The police? An ambulance?”
There was just another laugh, then she turned around and her finger tapped a tattoo of a mask on her ass.
I didn’t know what else to do. I pulled out my cell phone and started to call 911.
Suddenly, we weren’t the only ones on that road…

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Creamy Dreams

I love ice cream. Actually, that’s an understatement. I LOVE ice cream! It doesn’t matter what kind. Rocky road, French vanilla, mint, chocolate, pistachio… And it was the same with toppings. Each scoop always had to have sprinkles or whipped cream or gummy bears. Every time I put the dessert in my mouth, my eyes would roll closed.
“Savannah, how do you not get a headache eating ice cream like that all the time?” My friend Janey asked one girl’s night out at the mall.
I laughed, then took another big bite of cookies-n-cream. “Mmm…” I moaned. “I guess I’ve just built up a tolerance by now.”
“Did you ever hear back about that job?”
“Which one?”
Janey looked at me like I was stupid. “Duh! The one at the ice cream parlor!”
“Oh yeah, I have an interview tomorrow at. Didn’t I tell you?”
My friend kicked me under the table. “No, you didn’t tell me! What time?”
I shrugged my shoulders. “Not really.”
Janey laughed at the way my eyes rolled when I took another bite. “Well, good luck!”

The Creamy Dreams ice cream parlor had been in our town for as long as I could remember. Longer actually. My mother told me a story once about how when I was a baby, she took me there for a treat. That day, I said my very first word. “More!”
Twenty years later, that little bright blue building was still my most favorite place in the entire world. When it closed seven years ago, I cried for days. Then, a few months ago, I heard a rumor that a man had moved into town with plans to reopen it. As soon I heard that, I was the first person there to apply for a job!
The shop was still closed when I pulled into the parking lot. A truck was parked next to me, so that must have meant the new owner was there at least. “Let’s do this,” I told myself as I checked my hair and makeup in my rearview mirror.
The door was locked. When I peeked inside, I saw a tall, dark haired man was loading buckets of ice cream into the cold bar. I actually licked my lips. Ooh… yummy! I couldn’t help but think. It took a few minutes, but finally, I stopped staring and knocked.
The man looked up and smiled. In just a few steps, the man reached the door and unlocked it. “Savannah?” He asked in a rich southern accent when he opened it.
Suddenly, that word “yummy” went through my mind again.
“That’s me!” I said as I stepped inside.
The man held out his hand for me to shake. “Hi, I’m Jack. What position was it you were applying for?”
“Oh, any at all,” I answered. “I just want to work here!”
My enthusiasm made Jack chuckle. “So you’d be happy just standing behind the counter serving the customers?”
“Probably happiest. Getting to work with the actual ice cream? I’m your girl!”
“Like it that much, huh?”
“You have no idea!”
He laughed again. “Guess it would stupid not to hire you then. Come on, let me show you everything.”
It wasn’t exactly thirty-one flavors, but as he opened each compartment, it was enough to make me shiver, and not from the cold. Jack started to point out each one. “Here’s the chocolate, the vanilla…”
Almost immediately, I took over for him. “There’s the mint, the cherry, the very berry, lime sherbet…”
He laughed. “Ok, I guess we can skip that part. What about the register? Know how to work it?”
I took a quick glance at it. “Yeah, I think I used one just like it when I worked at the gas stop after school”
“You definitely have the job then. We open in a little over an hour. Can you start today?”
“Well, the freezer’s there if you run out of anything.” He pointed to a large metal door behind us. “Other things in that cabinet over there. I have some stuff I need to do in the office. Think you can handle setting out the toppings?”
“No problem, boss!”
Jack disappeared through a blue door. I couldn’t help but grin at a sudden thought. What, oh what would Janey say of she knew the new owner left me alone with all that ice cream so soon?
I was so happy with my new job as I set out the sprinkles and the M&M’s. By the time I set out the fudge and caramel sauces to warm, I was skipping and singing complete nonsense.
But when I set out the little paper sample cups and wooden spoon thingies, it was too much temptation. Just one taste couldn’t hurt, I told myself.
Mmm… Butter pecan! Peach! Peppermint! Oh, I was in heaven!
“Wow, you really weren’t kidding when you said you liked ice cream!”
“Eep!” I squeaked and my tiny cup of cookie dough fell to the floor. “Sorry. I-I just thought I should try a few of the flavors to better be able to help the customers when they come in.” I really hoped that sounded convincing.
My new boss’s eyebrows arched. “A few? I think I counted eleven.”
Jack took a step toward me. Oh no, was I about to get fired from my dream job already?
He did something much more unexpected. Jack picked up a little wooden spoon and scraped it over the surface of the same flavor of ice cream I had dropped. “Well, if you’re going to do that, you better try them all.” He offered the ice cream to my lips. “Open up.”
He put the sample into my mouth and I shivered. My eyes rolled closed. “Mmm…” I moaned.
“Good?” He asked.
I could only nod.
“Open up,” he told me again. “Have another.”
He fed me peanut butter and fudge, then the bubblegum. But when he tried to feed me a taste of the rum raisin, the ice cream fell off the spoon and down my tank top. A chill with through me. Immediately I started to bounce and squeal. “Ooh, get it! Get it!”
Jack was more than happy to help. He dipped two fingers between my breasts to scoop out the dessert, then laughed as he offered it to my lips again. “Here.”
I greedily licked the ice cream from his fingers and for the third time that morning, there was that word in my mind again. Yummy.
“Which one is you favorite?” I asked him.
“Mint, why?”
With a giggle, I grabbed another spoon and scooped a little out of the green bucket. “Now, you open up!”
He went for the bite, but I pulled it away at the very last second. “Mmm…” I teased.
Jack just grinned and pulled my face to his. His tongue pushed between my lips in search of the treat I had denied him. It didn’t take him long at all to find it, and soon, we were moaning together.
That kiss went on long after the ice cream disappeared. We began to sink to the floor behind the counter as if we melted. I laid back, and pulled jack on top of me. When I did, I felt a hardness against my thigh, something that definitely wasn’t a waffle cone.
“Fuck me,” I panted when our lips finally broke apart.
He grinned, but he didn’t need to be told again. His hands had my tank top off me in a second. Without a bra, my breasts were able to fall free. It was then that I knew I had a man after my own tastes. His mouth didn’t go for my nipples. No, Jack’s tongue went for the little left over trail of rum raisin that had fallen between them.
My nails clawed at the shirt on his back. Little by little, it bunched under my fingers until at last, I could feel his flesh against my own, his hard muscled stomach and chest against my soft skin.
“Ah!” I gasped at the first sudden nip of his teeth. With the ice cream all licked away, he began to bite the side of one breast, then the other. Jack sucked in one nipple, and my back arched toward him. When it did, he pulled his mouth away and pushed me back down.
“Good,” he said as he smacked his lips. “But it could be better.”
“Huh?” I asked breathlessly.
He just grinned and stood up. “Take off your clothes.”
“Just do it.”
There was something about the smile he said it with that let me know this was something I did not want to miss. I stayed on the floor and kicked off my shoes, then stripped off my jeans and panties. Above me, I couldn’t see what he was grabbing, but he was definitely gathering things from the cold bar.
He set one divided dish down beside me, filled with sprinkles, cherries and hot fudge. Then, a can of whipped cream. I couldn’t help but giggle when he went back up for more. Oh, this was going to be fun!
Jack set something I couldn’t quite see on the counter before he stripped off his own pants. And yes, there was that word again when his cock sprang up. Yummy!
He came back to the floor with a scooper and a tub of the most amazing ice cream ever created: Neapolitan! Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavors all right there together!
I saw that and my breath caught. “Don’t move,” he said in that delicious accent of his. All I could do was bite my lip and nod.
First came the ice cream. Three white, pink, and brown scoops dropped in a line from below my breasts to just above my pussy. Each one added to the chill of the other until it was impossible to stop the shiver. Next, the rainbow sprinkles… Just a single tiny spoonful over each scoop.
“Ah!” I gasped, and had to fight not to jump when he drizzled the hot fudge across my breasts. Oh, as much as the ice cream left me feeling frozen, the sauce burned!
Jack smiled at the panting dessert he was making of me, then popped the top of the can of whipped cream. “Open your legs,” he told me.
I had to do it carefully. After all, I didn’t want to make a mess.
He started to point the nozzle at my cunt, but stopped to laugh at something. “What’s so funny?” I asked.
“I’ve never had a Savannah split before!”
“Ah!” I screamed when he sprayed the whipped cream directly at my clit. Up and down he spread it until he completely covered my pussy lips. Finally, he tossed the can behind him. Then, Jack picked up a single cherry and topped the lowest scoop of ice cream. “There,” he said. “Now, you look good enough to eat!”
I couldn’t help but giggle and blush. It was the silliest line anyone had ever used on me, but it worked!
Oh, and eat he did… He started with my breasts, licking away every drop of hot fudge. Each slow drag of his tongue hardened my nipples and made them rise. He took so much time, I was amazed the ice cream didn’t melt and stream down my sides before he got to it.
For the first time in my life, I wasn’t jealous of someone else getting to eat ice cream when I wasn’t. I was turned on. Every “Mmm…” from him made my pussy wetter.
My naked body was sticky and shuddering when Jack’s mouth finally made it between my legs. Oh god, more licking! More nibbling! His tongue cleaned the cream from my clit and that was it. My hands shot down to grab his head. One of us screamed, but I don’t know if it was me in orgasm or him at how tightly my fingers clawed his hair.
“Fuck me!”
It was definitely me that screamed that.
All it took was him sliding inside me to take me over that edge. The second his body crushed against mine, an incredible pleasure burst in my core. It was so intense, I had to open my mouth just to get air. Jack allowed me only one breath, then he was kissing me again.
One orgasm had barely ended before a second was started just from the taste of his tongue. Oh, it was all there… Chocolate! Vanilla! Strawberry! Hot fudge, sprinkles, whipped cream and me! I had never had a “Savannah split” before either, but now, I wanted one every day!
Each push of him against me moved me back and forth over the mess we made on that floor. Suddenly, our kiss broke and his back arched. One more hard thrust and Jack froze above me. “Uhh!” He grunted, and finally came himself.
We lay there on the floor together, trying to calm down. It was a long tome before our breathing returned to normal enough for us to hear the ticking of the clock. Jack looked at his watch, then jumped up and snatched his pants. “We open in twenty minutes!”
“What?” I quickly grabbed my own clothes and began to pull them on.
I was barely dressed when he pulled my to him for a rushed peck on the lips. “Can you hurry home and change?”
“I guess, but what about this mess?”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll get it cleaned.” With that, he hurried me toward the door with a playful slap to the butt of my jeans.
“Oh, and Savannah?” He said just as I was about to walk out. “Hurry! You don’t want to be late on your first day!”

Peeping Mom

The best thing about living in such a safe neighborhood like mine is that I can leave my window open on hot summer nights. It was just before bed when I opened mine. When I did, I noticed a light on in my new neighbor’s bedroom across the way.
I honestly started to close my drapes. I swear I did. But something about the sight made me pause.
A woman in a white lace negligee stepped into the room. She used the little knob on the wall to dim the light. The woman threw a sheer red scarf over a tall lamp in the corner. When she turned it on, the bedroom was cast in a subtle rosy glow.
Then, she reached into the hall and pulled a shirtless man into the room.
The woman pushed him down to sit on the edge of the bed. She stood in front of him, and there was just enough light to silhouette her curves through her gown. The man’s hands reached for her waist. Instantly, she slapped them away.
Her giggle carried all the way to where I stood watching. “No, no,” I heard her say. “Not till I say so!”
She reached for the shoulder straps of her negligee. Even I was hypnotized as she slowly slipped them down her shoulders. A simple tug at her hips and the garment fell to the floor.
She had the most incredible body I had ever seen on a woman! The woman had high full breasts, flat stomach that led down to a trimmed bush of light brown pubic hair, and the kind of ass that begged to be squeezed! Slim thighs… God, Even I wanted to touch her!
Suddenly, I realized I was holding my breath, just waiting to see what she would do next. I let it out when the woman dropped to her knees. She shuffled a little forward and pushed the man’s legs apart so that she could kneel between them.
Her fingers untied his pajama bottoms. Then, she reached for the waist and began to pull them down. He had to lift off the bed for a second so that they could slip past his ass and be completely removed. Just like her, he was naked beneath what little he wore.
She looked up at him and smiled. “Are you ready?” the woman asked.
All the man could do was nod.
I fisted my curtain. Close it, my mind said. Give them some privacy. But I just couldn’t do it.
My pussy swelled. I felt it start to grow wet and open at the sight of the woman taking the man’s penis in her mouth. Up and down, her head bobbed. From my window, I could see that every time she pulled back, the man was just a little harder, a little thicker.
I pursed my lips. I couldn’t remember the last time I went down on a man.
The man’s cock sprang back and thumped against his stomach when the woman finally stopped sucking him.
She stood up. “Now you can touch,” she told him.
His hands shot out so fast I jumped. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed. Then, he leaned forward and bit her right nipple.
“Ah!” she gasped. Her head fell back. “Mmm… yeah!”
Oh, I watched that and my own nipples began to tent my sleep shirt.
The man began to kiss down the woman’s body. First, between her breasts. He moved to her stomach and from there her pubic patch.
It was too much. When his mouth dipped between her legs, it was too much! My left hand lifted the hem of my shirt. I touched the crotch of my panties. My god, I had never been so wet! The cotton had been soaked completely through. There was no use keeping such useless underwear on. So, I took it off.
The man’s finger replaced his lips. The woman trembled as they slipped into her body.
“Mmm…” I groaned and bit my lip. I copied his action, penetrating my own pussy. In and out, in and out I watched him stroke her. I tried to match his rhythm, pretending it was me he was doing that to.
Suddenly, the woman grabbed his wrist and stopped him. “Ah!” she screamed. The way she shook, there was absolutely no doubt she was coming.
The man smiled, the offered her his wet fingers. The woman more than happily sucked her flavor from them.
I sped up the thrusting of my own fingers when he grabbed her by the hips and threw her on the bed. He crawled over her, and my right hand shot up to grab my left breast. I squeezed and massaged it through the thin fabric of my sleep shirt. With just two fingers, I found my nipple and gently pinched it until I moaned.
“Ah! Hahahahah!” The woman squealed, then laughed when the man forced her legs apart. He practically dropped to cover her. Reaching between their bodies, I saw him guide his cock to her pussy. His hips surged forward and I knew he had completely filled her with that single thrust.
Oh, I had never been fucked as hard as he fucked her! Every push into her body moved her up the bed. Every withdraw pulled her back. In and out, in and out I watched him screw her. I was so jealous! All I ad was my fingers. Faster and faster I masturbated. I even crossed my fingers inside my body and twisted them with every stroke. Soon, I could barely breathe.
I could hear every one of the woman’s moans from across the way. She was getting close.
So was I.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” the woman began to scream. She had come again, and he just kept going.
An incredible pleasure burst through me. My pussy tightened so much my fingers were forced out, followed by a gush of my feminine cream. “Yes!” I echoed her.
My entire body trembled in aftershock as I started to come down. Then, suddenly, there was a knock on my bedroom door.
I closed my curtains just as my daughter stepped into the room.
“Mom?” Alice asked sleepily. “Is everything all right? I thought I heard you scream.”
“E-everything’s fine,” I answered shakily. “Go back to bed, honey. You have school tomorrow.”
“Okay, goodnight.” With that, she closed my door.
As I crawled into bed, I could still hear them out my window. That night, the last thing I heard before I fell asleep was the sound of the woman coming yet again

My Name is Nadia

It was an obvious joke to make about a nosy girl named Katherine like me. Friends and family warned me all the time, “Curiosity is going to kill you one day, Kat!”
I would just laugh at them. “Maybe so,” I would say. “But until then, I’m having more fun than any of you ever will!”
My job was perfect for my little snooping habit. I was a professional house sitter. Anytime someone went out of town, they would hire me to live at their place and take care of their plants and pets and make sure no one broke in. In a sense, I took over their lives.
Before they left, the homeowners all gave me the same mini-tour. “Here’s the bedrooms, here’s the bathroom. Extra towels are in this closet. Here’s the kitchen, dear. Feel free to help yourself to anything you find!” Then, as soon as they were gone, I would explore on my own. That’s when the real fun would start!
One woman had been a photographer. It didn’t take long to find her in-home studio and collection of cameras and lenses. My curious mind immediately started wondering, what must it be like to be her and take picture after picture? What is it like to model in front of those cameras?
I used my two weeks to find out. Eight high tech cameras on timers captured me in pose after pose. I tried to be artistic and just did my best to look thoughtful. One day, I pretended to be in high fashion and showed off my favorite dresses. Late one night, after a little wine, I imagined myself the subject of a high end girlie magazine. I started out in a lacey teddy, but by the last shot, the only thing I wore was a subtle smile.
I house sat once for a man that was a professional swimmer. Everyday, I swam laps in his pool and imagined what it would be like to do that to the cheers of a crowd. I even worked once for a woman who was the neighborhood crazy cat lady. Those three days weren’t quite as pleasant. Every night, twelve cats took over the bed. My only place to sleep was on the couch. Even then, I had to kick two others off me all night.
I got to live dozens of lives every year. I had been a musician, a ballerina and a sculptor. Every dream I had growing up had its chance to come true, along with dreams I never even thought to have!
Then, one day, I got a call from a woman named Nadia. She was going out of the country for a few days and wanted to know if I could housesit for her,
“Absolutely!” I told her.
Her apartment was incredible! A giant skylight let sunshine into the loft during the day. I couldn’t wait until night when I could lay on the couch and look up at the stars. Only a granite topped island with chairs around it separated the living room from the gourmet kitchen.
Maybe Nadia was a chef? I hoped so. I hadn’t had the chance to be a professional chef yet and I had been wanting the chance to experiment with food. The long row of cookbooks on the counter certainly had potential for some fun.
“And that’s pretty much it,” Nadia said at the end of the tour. “Any questions?”
“Nope, think I got it!” I answered
“Okay, great! See you in a few days!” With that, she handed me the keys and closed the door behind her.
Now came my favorite part. Snooping! First stop, the closet!
I always started with the closet. The women I worked for always seemed to have the most amazing clothes. If they fit me, that made pretending to be those women even easier, and Nadia looked just my size.
Of course her closet was a walk-in. Simple but expensive dresses hung on the right. Cocktail and party dresses hung on a rack across from them. I fingered the black silk of one. It was so cool to the touch I shivered! I couldn’t resist the temptation to pull it off the bar and hold it against myself. Oh, I could just imagine her wearing it to the opening of a new restaurant! True, I had only seen Nadia in jeans and a blue t-shirt, but that didn’t hide the body she had at all, and a dress like this would only show it off. The neckline plunged into a bra impossible V while the skirt came to the knees. It was elegant, but lust inspiring. She would have made men and women alike lick their lips even more than her food!
Designer shoe boxes were stacked on both the floor and shelves up top. I lifted the lid of one. “Wow!” I gasped at the pair of black leather “Come fuck me” stilettos I found.
I must have spent hours in her closet. Everything was so sexy!
The next two days went by in a blur. For every meal, I picked a recipe out of one of her books and cooked in her kitchen. Every bite made me moan. To imagine Nadia got to eat like that all the time!
The phone rang on the third day. As always, I just let the machine get it. Everyone just left a name and number at the tone anyway. In all the houses I sat, no one had ever left an interesting message.
Until that day.
The machine beeped, and a man’s voice came over the speaker. “Nadia? This is John, Joan’s friend. I was just calling to remind you that we have a date tonight. I should be there around eight. Can’t wait to meet you! See you then!”
I jumped for the phone, but the man hung up before I had a chance to tell him Nadia wouldn’t be here. Eight o’clock? That was only 3 hours from now! The guy sounded so excited! I hated that I was going to have to break his heart and tell him he came all the way here for nothing.
A thought suddenly popped into my head. The man had said he couldn’t wait to meet her. He must not even know what she looked like. What if I pretended to be Nadia when he came to the door?

I knew it was crazy even as I adjusted my breasts in that black silk dress with the deep V. I had pretended to be dozens of different women, but never outside their own home or around other people. Could I do it?
I checked myself in the mirror. The image reflected back took my breath away. My cleavage had never looked so tight and tempting. The black silk hugged the dip of my waist and the flair of my hips. Below the skirt, my black stockings gave my legs a seductive, smoky look. Oh yes, I could definitely do this!
“My name is Nadia,” I practiced in the mirror. “I can’t wait for tonight!”
There was a knock on the door. I took one more deep breath, then went to open it.
The man on the other side was tall. I actually had to take a step back just to see past his chin. “Wow,” was the only thought in my head. I was a sucker for a man who kept his facial hair in stubble. I saw that on him and there was a surge of warmth between my legs. I could practically feel the rough brush of him against the inside of my thighs.
“Are you Nadia?” he asked and broke me out of my little daydream.
“Yes.” I had never been so happy to tell a lie. “John, I presume?”
“That’s me,” he said with the brightest smile I had seen in my life. “God, you look incredible!”
“Thank you, that’s sweet. So, what did you have in mind for this evening?”
That bright smile suddenly turned mischievous. Then, something even crazier than one woman pretending to be another and stealing her date happened. John reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.
My eyes widened. “And just what makes you think I’m that kind of girl?”
John laughed. “Only every story Joan has ever told about you. So? What do you say? Can we play?”
Katherine would have said no immediately, but I wasn’t Katherine that night. My name was Nadia,, and if my friend Joan said I was that kind of girl, then I must be.
“Absolutely,” I answered.
John smiled his amazing, bright smile again, then grabbed my hand. “Where’s the bedroom?” he asked.
“Right there.” I pointed to a room down the hall from the kitchen.
He practically ran as he pulled me behind him. We were barely through the door when he flung me toward the bed. I laughed when I landed on my stomach on the mattress. He straddled me before I even had a chance to roll over. The next thing I knew, those handcuffs clicked around my wrists.
John gave my butt a quick slap and I squealed. “Ah!”
“Can you get out of those?”
I tugged and tested, but the chain around the wooden post in the headboard kept me from going anywhere. “Nope!” I giggled.
He smacked my ass again. “Good! That means I can do anything to you I want!”
John kissed the same silk he just spanked. His hands began to bunch the fabric at my waist and very slowly, my skirt raised. He kept kissing it until the dress was completely lifted and his lips pressed to skin.
“Mmm…” I moaned. One cheek of my ass received little nips from his teeth, the other, gentle scratched from his fingernails. Beneath my thong, my pussy pursed. I could feel the first drops of arousal slick my slit.
His mouth moved from my flesh to the scrap of cloth that was my underwear. I couldn’t help but giggle at the tickle of him tracing the strip that divided my butt. John’s tongue followed it even where it disappeared down between my cheeks, licking everything.
My legs snapped closed on reflex when he reached my cunt. John just grabbed my thighs and pushed them apart again. Then, his mouth was back as if it never stopped.
Yes! There it was, the subtle scratch of his stubble. I groaned as he moved deeper between my legs. The up and down of his jaw as he lapped at the moistening crotch of my panties brushed his light beard against more and more sensitive places. God, I swear I could even feel a few sharp hairs of his chin make it through the weave of my thong and gently sting the bud of my clit.
My hands made little fists in the cuffs. Even my toes curled I was so close! “Ma-make me come,” I begged.
He bit my pussy through my panties and that was it. There was an explosion of pleasure deep inside me, one that made me scream into the pillow. “Oh!”
My body was still in the middle of orgasm when he reached for my underwear. John didn’t waste any time pulling it down. He just ripped the wet scrap of cloth away and threw it to the floor.
My nipples tightened against the silk of the dress when I felt the mattress sink more beneath me. My eyes may have been closed, but I knew that could only mean one thing. John was crawling over me, getting into a better position.
I shivered when I heard his zipper lower. My breath was still coming in pants, but I was ready!
His hands grabbed my hips and tilted my pussy up toward him. When the tip of his cock grazed my slit, I bit my lower lip. Slowly, he pushed forward.
Oh, my body opened to him so easily! His hard shaft slid inside me. Immediately, my inner walls gripped him. “Yeah,” he groaned above me as he went deeper and deeper until his body was pressed against my ass.
John’s stroke were steady and unhurried. In and out, in and out… even as John fucked me, he planted kisses against the back of my head. I pushed my body back against him, matching his slow thrusts. My hips even started to twist, but he forced me flat against the bed and held me still.
“Yes…” I moaned when he started to move faster. The smack of his body against my rear got harder, harder than even the little spanking he gave me when we started. “Oh fuck me,” I groaned into the pillow.
In and out, in and out… Just a little harder, just a little faster. The more I wiggled, the more he took control and held me still, taking his pleasure from my bound body.
Suddenly, his fingers clawed into the flesh of my hips. “Ah! Nadia!” he screamed as he came inside me.

We fell asleep together, naked, in Nadia’s bed, but the next morning, he was gone. There was no note saying where he went. Instead, there was a check on the nightstand made out to Nadia. I saw that, and suddenly other things clicked into place.
A true chef really wouldn’t need so many recipe books.
All those incredibly sexy clothes…  A man named “John,” a friend named “Joan,” and the knowledge that I was “that kind of girl…”
Nadia had never been a chef at all. She was a very high class whore.

The Dining Car

I felt like the last woman in the world sitting there that night. It was funny. Somehow, the clack clack clacks of the train on the tracks enhanced the silence of the dining car more than they broke it. Out the window, the full moon shone over the snowy mountains we traveled through. The sight was so lonely, as if the entire outside world was painted midnight blue.
“So what’s a beautiful woman like you doing up at this time of night?” The server asked when he approached my little table.
“I couldn’t sleep,” I answered without looking at him.
He chuckled. “Maybe that has something to do with all this joe you’re drinking,” the man said as I refilled my cup.
The train’s whistle blew and it broke me out of my stare out the window. The server stood beside me with the coffee pot in one hand, and the other in the pocket of his worn black jeans. His t-shirt was tight, and had probably been white at one time, but now it was just a mess of kitchen stains.
“Can I get you anything else?”
I shook my head. “No, thank you.”
He ran his pocketed hand through hair so disheveled it was hard to tell if it was from a long night or just his style. “In that case, mind if I join you? The company tends to frown on leaving passengers alone in the dining car.”
I waved to the seat across from me. “I suppose if I’m the reason you can’t sleep, it’s the least I can do.”
He groaned as he sat. “Any particular reason you can’t sleep?”
What was I supposed to tell this stranger? That I was still awake because I couldn’t face an empty bed? After four years of marriage, six years of sleeping together every night, my darling husband had decided a thirty-three year old woman just wasn’t young enough for him anymore. I had to find that out by walking in on Brian naked beneath a twenty-four year old student.
I called my mother crying. She said the only three words that could have held any comfort at all right then. “Come home, dear.” So, I hopped on the first train east.
That had all been only yesterday.
“No,” I finally said.
The waiter ignored my answer. “I bet it’s because of a man.”
The last thing I needed was a stranger reading my mind. I turned back to more of the nights scenery pass out the window.
“Oh ho! I was right! Traveling to meet one or traveling to leave?”
I said nothing.
“I bet you’re leaving one,” he went on. “Yeah, you have that newly lonely and broken hearted look about you. What’s the matter? He cheat? What a fucking idiot.”
“What would you know about it?” I asked when he just wouldn’t shut up.
“Well, look at you! The guy had to either be an idiot, or completely blind. Was he blind? Even if he was, he’s still an idiot. His hands would have told him how gorgeous you are!”
I admit, that made me smile, and I needed a smile.
“A woman like you should be made love to everyday.”
I looked back at the waiter when he said it. There was something in his eyes, something I should have noticed had disappeared from Brian’s eyes years ago.
Pure and sincere lust.
It almost made me cry to know I could still inspire that in a man after how my own husband had betrayed me so casually. I needed that even more than that smile.
“Do it,” I suddenly heard myself say.
I got up and moved around the table. Then, I sat down in his lap. “Do it,” I said again before I had the chance to come to my senses. “Make love to me.”
The waiter didn’t need to be told a third time. Even as he lifted me, his lips found mine. The man laid me down on the table. Oh, his hands were every but as hungry as his mouth! Already, one was under my skirt, sliding up my left thigh to my hip. Fingers found the simple waist of my panties, but didn’t strip them away. Now, they followed the line of where my leg went through the cloth. They traveled around to where my sex began to pout under the cotton, then slipped beneath.
“Ah!” I gasped when he touched me there.
Outside my underwear, his thumb made tiny circles over the emerging bud of my clit. Inside, a single knuckle found the entrance to my body and grinded up and down that slit of flesh.
My own hand pulled the waiter’s hair until he groaned. He laughed against my skin as I guided his kisses. First down my neck, then down my chest to the little hint of cleavage my dress revealed. He wanted to taste more, and he couldn’t wait even the second it would take for me to slip the straps off my shoulders. The waiter pulled at my dress with his teeth until the buttons popped and rolled on the floor.
Six years together, and Brian never did this to me. The knuckle between my legs straightened into a finger and thrust into my pussy. Still his thumb worked. I couldn’t remember the last time my panties had been so wet! That one finger became two, and together, they began to twist.
So did I.
Oh, it had been so long! Soon, there was that sweet tensing of lower muscles, followed by the even sweeter rush of warmth. “I’m coming!” I moaned.
The waiter laughed. “I can feel!”
He pulled his hand from my panties. Then, he offered me his fingers. Some strange instinct made me suck myself from them. “How do you taste?” He asked.
“Like honey,” I practically purred in aftershock.
“Mind if I taste?”
“Please…” I whispered.
The man threw my skirt up to my stomach. Now, he pulled my panties down my legs. He only stopped to peel the cotton away from where my own excitement had glued it to my flesh.
When his head disappeared below, it got harder to breathe. At the first flick of his tongue to my private parts, it felt impossible. My trembling fingers clumsily undid the few buttons that still remained to hold my top closed. Thank god I wore a front clasp bra that night. A simple squeeze and release and my breasts were free. I could breathe again!
“Mmm…” I heard him moan. My eyes rolled closed as he licked away my arousal. That only made me wetter. The only way to slow it at all was for his lips to find the source, and his tongue to push inside me to dam the flow.
“Just fuck me,” I finally had to beg.
His mouth and chin shined with the juices of me when he stood. I watched his hands open those faded jeans and pulled his thick shaft free. Oh, it stood so tall!
He stripped off his kitchen stained shirt and threw it away before he climbed over me. My own hot arousal on his lips burned each of my nipples when he stopped to suck each of them on his way up my body. He kissed and bit and pulled at them back and forth until there was that tensing below again…
No, I refused to come again with an empty body. There was only a second before I would orgasm. I quickly grabbed his hair and tugged him up until we were face to face, cock to cunt. My hand flew down to his ass still under denim and pulled him inside of my just in time.
“Ah!” I screamed.
The waiter fucked me with the power of a train. In and out, in and out… He fucked me hard until the smacking of our bodies drowned out even the clack clack clacks of the train on the tracks.
His lips found mine again. The waiter’s tongue pushed at my lips until they parted under the pressure and slipped inside. Oh, there was the honey flavor of my pussy again!
And the sweet tensing of my lower muscles…
And the sweeter rush of warmth…

I never got the waiter’s name. The next morning, there was a woman on duty in the dining car. An hour later, the train pulled into our destination. Whoever he was, I owe that man a thank you. On a night when I felt like the last woman on Earth, he was there to make me feel like the only woman in the world when I needed it most.

Bound to Please

When I wore my favorite string of pearls that night, I only meant for them to make me look pretty. I had no idea they could be used for so much more.
My little black dress was on the bedroom floor around my feet. Underwear had never even been worn for our special night out. I had wanted to surprise my husband by being naked at the slip of my shoulder straps. Instead, I was the one in awe of what he had in store for me.
“Surprise!” I struck a little pose with my hand on my cocked hip.
Alan smiled just like I knew he would. Then, he circled me. His finger tickled the back of my neck when he gently undid the little gold clasp there. I thought he was simply taking off the last thing I wore until he caught it before it fell.
“Put your hands behind your back,” he whispered.
“Why?” I asked with a little giggle.
“Just do it.”
I had barely obeyed when he roughly pulled my wrists together. “Ooh!” I playfully squealed when I felt the pearls twist three times and bind me. My pussy warmed when I tested just how tightly I was tied. Alan knew I had light bondage fantasies, but this was the first thing he did anything about it.
My husband loves my ass. One of his favorite things to do is bite that back flesh. For a few days after, I feel his teeth marks and claim on my body every time I sit down. When he knelt down behind me, I was sure that’s what he was about to do. Instead, the cheeks of my butt were pulled apart. Something pressed against the little hole they hid. It wasn’t his finger and it wasn’t his tongue.
It was a pearl.
First one, then another and another. One by one, those expensive little spheres were pushed inside me until my ass was forced to hold the rest of the string that bound my hands. Alan stood up and whispered in my ear. “Don’t you dare let those come out.”
“Yes, dear,” I replied.
“Now, on the bed!”
It was such a strange yet wonderful feeling. Every step I took rolled the beads in my butt. No part of my pussy had been touched and still arousal began to run down the insides of my thigh from just walking across the room.
Had he stripped as I did as I was told? When I turned around to sit on the edge of our mattress, Alan was standing there naked. It was such a shame that I didn’t get to see him undress. My husband kept in shape. He had a magnificent body. Seeing it revealed always excited me and he knew it.
Maybe that’s why he didn’t let me watch this time. I wasn’t exactly dry down there, but he liked to control how wet I got. He had one great method of doing just that.
“Open your legs,” he commanded, then moved toward me.
My thighs spread and showed off the reddish blonde curls I had trimmed into a thin strip just for tonight. Alan dropped to his knees in front of me. Instead of simply telling me to lay back, he put a hand between my breasts and pushed me down. In that position, my pussy was all he had to focus on.
He pinched my clit through its hood. From there, his fingers slipped down along my inner lips to hold them shut. Only then did he lick in long, slow strokes. It was incredible! But my body was denied its arousal. Alan held me so tight my juices couldn’t escape my cunt. They could only build inside me. His tongue applied the only wetness I was allowed.
It made me squirm. It made try to twist out of the grasp of his two fingers and let my excitement out. I wanted to push him away for just a second but all my hands could do was tangle in the white silk sheets beneath me. Then, when I twisted just a little too tight, my bonds began to pull and pull until a single pearl popped out of me.
“Ah!” I gasped.
Alan’s fingers finally loosened just when I thought I would burst. My arousal was allowed to run at last. “Mmm…” Alan groaned and started to lap up my flowing flavor.
He bit me on the inside of my right leg. Alan’s finger gently pushed into my feminine tunnel, moving deeper so slowly I wanted to scream. “Oh, stop your damn teasing!” I growled. “Fuck me already!”
“No,” he cruelly answered.
My husband kissed my clit, sending a shiver through me. Every breath I took made me shiver and he was only getting started. He waited until that first finger was in me to the knuckle before he added a second. By then, my tunnel was clinging so tight to that digit that my body felt stretched by that one little addition. God, how could he tell me no? Didn’t his cock want to feel that?
The pleasure was too much. My eyes lost the ability to focus. There was no point in keeping them open. I let them close and just let myself just feel.
He teased me forever. Softly, he stoked the back wall of me until my cunt spasmed in a small orgasm that stole my breath. At the first hint of a ripple, his fingers stopped. When I finally stopped coming, he simply flipped them over and started all over again.
My back arched, seeking a body that wasn’t above mine. More of the pearls I was warned not to let go threatened to come out. The only way I could obey was to clench and press my ass back into the bed.
I thought I would die when his fingers finally pulled out. Then, a kiss was placed on the top edge of my pubic hair. The trail moved up from there. I felt him rise to reach my navel and by the time he reached the undersides of my breasts, the mattress was sinking under his added weight. His kiss moved up through the valley of my cleavage, up my throat.
And when his lips pressed against mine and his tongue forced its way in, the strawberry flavor of my pussy filled my mouth. God, it tasted good! I don’t know what I was drunk more on, that or the feel of his body finally between my legs.
Eventually, that kiss had to break just so we could breathe again. “Are you ready?” Alan asked.
Could he not feel how wet I was? Was the scent of my arousal not thick enough in the air? “Yes!” I practically screamed. “Ah!”
He was inside me in a single thrust. I almost came again right then. Right away, my legs wrapped around my waist. There was no way I was letting him go to tease me again. He was going to fuck me. Now.
Slowly, Alan pulled back. When he slid back in, I swear his cock rolled the pearls through the thin divide of my holes. In, out. In, out. I could feel my husband’s every fucking motion in both places. It was enough to make my back arch all over again.
He took advantage of that, biting my breasts. Sweet stings pulsed down to my clit. God, I wanted to dig my nails in his perfect chest! To touch him as much as he touched me
My cry was stifled by my bit lower lip. Orgasm burst in my cunt and I still wanted more. My hips bucked against his. I wanted him to come with me.
There! He was starting to twitch!
“Uh!” He grunted, then fired his sperm.
Alan gave us a chance to catch our breath. Reluctantly, I unlocked my ankles from behind his back and let him go. Then, he pulled out.
“Turn over.”
“What?” I asked.
“I said turn over.”
I obeyed, curious what was to come next.
My husband spread the cheeks of my ass. “Good girl. You held onto all but two pearls.”
I gasped with every bead he pulled from my butt. Then, when the entire necklace was free, Alan untied my hands.
I rolled over and kissed the man that loved and satisfied me so. “Happy anniversary, dear.”